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19 Mar 2024

Latest News

Let’s get colourful, Holi is almost here!

Hot cross buns have been in the shops for months, but there’s another holiday to celebrate before the Easter long weekend. 

Spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, and with the changing seasons comes the festival of Holi – the Hindu celebration of colour, love and new beginnings. While Holi is primarily celebrated in India and Nepal, the popularity of the ‘festival of colours’ has spread across the globe – with events popping up in cities worldwide.

Holi falls on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Phalgun each year. This year, it will be observed on Monday, 25 March. 

Where does the tradition of Holi come from? 

While traditions vary across India, the holiday originates in Hindu mythology with the legend of Hiranyakashipu – a demon king in ancient India who enlisted the help of his sister, Holika, to kill his son, Prahlada – who was a devoted worshipper of the deity Vishnu. Holika perishes in a fire planned for Prahlada, before Vishnu succeeds in killing Hiranyakashipu.

At the beginning of Holi, a bonfire is traditionally lit to reflect the story and symbolise the triumph of good over evil.   

In some regions, Holi is also observed as a celebration of the heavenly love shared by deities Lord Krishna and Radha.

How can I take part?

At Holi celebrations, attendees typically throw colourful powder to cover each other with vibrant colours – symbolising vibrant new life. For some Hindus, washing away the colourful dye at the end of the day represents a cleansing of sin.

Join one of these Holi festivals in Brisbane to discover what the fun is all about!

Holi Festival Brisbane

Holi Festival Brisbane - 23rd March 2024 - FREE Entry & Thandai**

23 – 24 March 2024, Victoria Park/Barrambin.  

Celebrate Holi with two days of culture, colour, food and performances! Best of all, this festival is free to enter. Learn more here.

HOLI Festival of Colours


22 March 2024, Forgan Smith Lawns. 

Kick-off Holi weekend with this Friday afternoon event – filled with music, dance, colour throws and food. Tickets are just $5 for UQ students or $10 for the public. Secure tickets here

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