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19 Apr 2024

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Capestone Creates: top tips for creating your winter oasis this year

As winter approaches, there are plenty of ways to transform your Capestone property into a beautiful oasis and prepare your garden for the cooler weather to keep it in tip top shape. 

If you are wanting to keep your garden healthy and pristine, providing the right care throughout winter is essential. 

Ensuring your garden stays healthy and vibrant throughout winter requires thoughtful care. Here are some top tips to prepare your garden:

  • Nourish Your Soil: Prioritise soil health by enriching it with nutrients essential for winter.
  • Minimise Mowing: Give your lawn a break by reducing mowing frequency as winter approaches.
  • Clean Up: Remove dead plants, weeds, and fallen leaves to tidy up your garden space.
  • Consider Indoor Protection: Safeguard delicate plants by bringing them indoors to shield them from weather conditions.


Check out these local businesses who can assist you with your gardening goals:

  • Arborist Tree Techs: Highly skilled at big tree lopping jobs, palm cleaning and removal, tree removal, and mulch & firewood supplies. 
  • Aussie Edges: Providing personalised garden edging, car park edging and wheel stops. 
  • Nuway: One stop shop for all landscape supplies, pavers and walls. Spruce up your garden with fertilisers, mulches, pavers, pebbles and gravels, surf and synthetic turf. 


Elevate your outdoor experience with winter accessories designed to entertain and delight:

  • Outdoor Fire Pits: Spend your evenings outdoors under the stars with an outdoor fire pit. Perfect for cosy nights around the fire or late-night chats entertaining friends and family. You can find a range of Outdoor Fire Pits in stores such as Bunnings, Brisbane Fireplace & Heating or Outdoor Furniture and BBQs. 
  • Pizza Ovens: Elevate your outdoor culinary adventures with a stylish pizza oven, available in gas or wood-fired options. Not only functional, but these ovens also serve as eye-catching additions to your outdoor space, promising delectable pizzas and unforgettable gatherings.
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