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12 Jan 2024

Latest News

Back to school tips and tricks

We know this can be a busy time for families as the new term quickly approaches, with plenty of excitement and sometimes chaos! With changes in routine going from long summer school holidays to the classroom, we wanted to pull together some of our favourite tips to make this transition even easier for our community. 

Tech Tune-Up:

Ensure your child’s gadgets and devices are ready for the school year. Update software, check for any needed repairs, and establish clear guidelines for screen time during the school week. A tech-savvy start sets the tone for a glitch-free term.


Between picky eaters, after school activities and trying to think of new delicious ideas everyday, packing lunch boxes can become a difficult task! The best way is to prepare ahead of time.

Another tip is to follow instagram pages with delicious food ideas and lunchbox inspirations, some great accounts include:

  • @feeding_five_frugally an Aussie mum posting her family’s meals and children’s lunchboxes, saving the rest of us from having to come up with it ourselves! 
  • @the.lunchbox.nutritionist is a qualified nutritionist specialising in healthy and easy lunchbox ideas, her instagram and website is full of awesome lunch box menus for inspiration, making life that little bit easier. 

Get back into routine:

Depending on your child creating a routine and designated study space might help them get ‘in the zone’ during the school term. A designated study space and routine that is distraction free and quiet can come in handy for some families staying on top of their school work. Remember to find what works best for you, there is no right or wrong! 

Mindful Extracurriculars:

If your child is involved in multiple activities, help them prioritise and strike a balance. Encourage open communication about their interests and commitments, ensuring they have room to pursue passions without feeling overwhelmed.

And remember, every family and child is different, what suits your family might not suit another, so remember to just do your best! 

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