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15 Jul 2023

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Community Spotlight: Why Families are Flocking to Capestone

With families on the lookout for greener suburbs and a more sustainable and affordable lifestyle, it’s easy to see why communities like Capestone are so appealing. We spoke to Katie and Matt Collins, who recently made the decision to leave their inner-city Brisbane home with their young family and build their dream home at Capestone.

Katie and Matt are both real estate professionals and are currently building a five-bedroom property set to be valued at $1.5 million on completion. While they say the move was daunting at first, the obvious advantage of being able to build a property of this size at a fraction of the cost of what it would set them back in the city, made the decision for them.

“It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, but we all love it here and don’t miss the city at all,” said Katie, 28, “The kids love it too. They’re always in the parks as there’s so much greenery around here,” Katie said.

“In Brisbane, the land prices are sky-high, and building costs can be a burden. But by choosing Capestone, we were able to craft our dream home at a fraction of the cost. The affordability of this community is simply mind-blowing,” Katie said.

If Capestone enquiries are anything to go by, the Collins are one of the many Australian households leaving the urban lifestyle behind in search of more affordable living options.

But what exactly makes Capestone so appealing? For many residents, it’s the opportunity to live in spacious homes surrounded by lush greenery and recreational facilities, while maintaining access to shops and essential amenities like schools and doctors clinics.

“It’s such a family-friendly place, and there are lots of things for the kids to do. I can’t really imagine ever wanting to go back to city life. Life seems a lot more affordable here too,” Katie said.

Communities like Capestone have been built to provide an alternative to the soaring prices and fast-paced lifestyles of big cities. We’re so proud to see our community expand and grow, and give Australian families the opportunity to spread out, enjoy green spaces and larger homes with backyards.

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